California Tournament Continues for Carbon 10-year-old All-Star Team


Baseball action continued in Visalia, Calif. for the Carbon 10-year-old All-Star team. On Wednesday Carbon competed in their third game of the Pacific Coast Tournament. According to parents who attended the game, Carbon played well, but found themselves on the losing end of the scoreboard. Guam defeated Carbon, 10-4.

Carbon was up 2-0 going into the third inning. A few errors during the top of this inning shifted momentum into Guam’s favor. Carbon gave up six runs during the third. The team also had bases loaded twice, but didn’t score.

In the bottom of the sixth, Carbon had a two-out rally and scored one run with the bases loaded. Austin Emerson hit a ball to right center, but Guam made an amazing catch to end the game.

Dillon Thomas pitched three innings, Jordan Fossat a half inning and Jered Davies finished by pitching two-and-a-half innings.



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