Camping Postponed at Millsite Campground


Although reservations were being made and the campground was expected to be ready for April 1st Senator Hinkins helped the State Park Department to obtain more of money for this project, and the contract with Nielson Construction was extended. So it became necessary to postpone camping for a few weeks. The increase in funds means that more of the park will be paved and improvement to the entire campground will make the park more desirable.  The State Park administration decided for safety reasons and to aid construction, that no reservations would be accepted until later.  They will try to relocate or refund the reservations that had already been made.

There will  now be 12 camping spots and the entire campground will be paved, graveled or planted with grass.  The new beach has been filled and leveled and the boat ramp has been extended. The paving is scheduled to be finished by April 9th and the entire completion date is April 25th.

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