Candidates File for 2022 Election


The filing period for the 2022 regular general election has officially closed and many local residents have put their names in the running.

For Carbon County, there are two positions open for the commissioner seats along with one position for clerk/auditor, one for county attorney, one school board seat and one for the position of sheriff. Current Commissioner Larry Jensen (Republican) is running to be reelected for the position. Also vying for the seat are Edward Chavez (Democrat), Lita Riley (Independent American) and Bob Ballantyne (Republican).

Tony Martines (Republican), who is currently serving as a commissioner/surveyor, is running for reelection. Also running for the position are Cheryl Lupo (Republican), Fuzzy Nance (Libertarian), Aaron Haeck (Independent American) and Alan Paul Riddle (Republican).

Christian Bryner (Republican), Carbon County County Attorney, is running unopposed to be reelected in the position. Nicole Hobbs (NA) and Wayne Woodward (NA/current board member) are running for the school board seat.

Carbon County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing (Republican) is running unopposed for reelection. Finally, current Sheriff Jeff Wood (Republican) is hoping to be reelected, with Zachary Palacios (Unaffiliated) also running for the position.

Similarly, in Emery County, there are two commission seats available, one for county attorney, one for clerk/auditor, one sheriff position and two school board seats. Current Commissioner Kent Wilson is running for reelection, with Jordan Leonard also vying for the seat.

Gil Conover, who is also a current Emery County Commissioner, is running for reelection. His opposers are Douglas Stilson and Keven Andrew Jensen. Mike Olsen, county attorney, is running unopposed for reelection, joined by current Emery County Clerk/Auditor Brenda Tuttle.

For the school board, Dalen Johnson and James Winn are running for one seat, while Royd Hatt and Katie Player are vying for the other. For the position of county sheriff, Shaun Bell and Tyson Huntington are in the running. All of the Emery County candidates running are Republican.

Tom Hansen and Christine Watkins (current Representative) are running for House District 67, which includes all of Carbon County as well as parts of Emery and Duchesne counties.

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