Canyon River Runners Art Show Opens in Green River


The 14th Canyon River Runners Art Showed opened to the public at the John Wesley Powell Musueum in Green River on Thursday.

The exhibit features arts of various mediums including photography, paintings, drawings and art from various school-aged children. It also features art of professional and amateur artists. The art show provides an annual opportunity for artists across the region to showcase their work. In recent years, the museum has worked to expand the reach of this program to include artists of all ages and skill levels.

Last year, the museum partnered with the Book Cliff Elementary school in Green River to showcase local students’ work and to promote the arts in education. That partnership continues this year, and the museum will once again host the school’s art fair on April 11 at 6 p.m.

The art show will run until April 22. As always, ribbons and prizes will be awarded for each entry level and category.

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