Canyon View Holds Closing Program


The annual closing program held Friday at Canyon View Junior High brought together many proud parents, teachers and friends, to celebrate the accomplishments of the school’s 9th graders, who will be moving on to attend Emery High School next year.

Canyon View Teacher Eric Mortensen announced each of the students and Principal Jim Jones and School Counselor Ryan Hepworth both awarded certificates to the graduating class.

Many awards were given out toВ acknowledgeВ outstanding students. Three honor students, Sarah Collard, Jamie Gilbert and Kendra Young addressed their fellow classmates and the attending families.

The Canyon View Choir presented a musical number, which was followed by remarks by Marie Johnson of the Emery County School Board. She talked to the class about the future and making good choices.

This year’s 9th Grade Class Officers were:

Jax Gardner-President
Shaydee Murray-Vice President
Ryan Cano-Secretary
Jason Anderson-Activities Committee

Members of the 9th grade class were:

Breanne Akers*
Cameron Allred*
McKlane Allred*
Jason Allred*
Trinidee Bell*
Austin Boren
Jamie Brinkerhoff
Robert Brown*
Ryan Cano*
Slayde Childs
Zachary Clifford
Sarah Collard*
Dakota Curtis
Brianna Davis
Dillon DeMott
Bailey Faimalo*
Katina Farnsworth
Jax Garder*
Jamie Gilbert*
Dillon Greenan
Ashlee Guymon*
Gentry Guymon
Hans Guymon*
Andrea Hales
Kayla Hansen*
McKade Hansen*
DJ Horrocks
Bailey Johnson
Conner Justice*
Tyler Kay*
McKoy Kemple
Kenneth Larsen
Rachel Majors
Whitney McCarty
Kelsi McElprang
Randi Mecham*
Kyerstin Merlen
Tyler Miera
Tallon Morrey
Sheriden Mortensen
Marco Mota
Whitney Murdoch
Shaydee Murray*
Allison Ockey
James Parmar
Hyrum Pterson*
Tanner Pollaehne
Hunter Potter
Justan Potter*
Hayley Procarione*
Melece Pulli*
Brandon Randall
Carmen Rodriguez
Dominic Rondinelli
Kyle Schade
Justin Segler
Sarah Sorensen
Elly Stephens*
Kelsey Stoddard
Megan Stout
Michelle Taylor
Duncan Thomas
Tyler Thomas
Josie Tucker
Madisyn Viers
Kendra Young*


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