Canyon View Middle School Student of the Week


Brekker Bunnell

Brekker is being recognized this week because of his desire for high achievement and his exceptional academic performance. His aim is on point whether he is shooting his bow or playing basketball, maybe watching Space Jam has help paid off! In between playing basketball, baseball and golf, you can find Brekker chowing down at Texas Roadhouse or picking up new kicks at Nike. Eating all that protein will for sure help him pump iron in the weight room and achieve his goal on the bench press. He is kind and respectful to students and teachers but is individually driven with hard work to achieve his best in and out of the classroom.

Liam Dow

Liam is being recognized for his contribution to his literacy class with his fantastic reading growth this year. He can be quiet when you first meet him but his friends would tell you otherwise. You can often find him trading cards with friends in the morning or defending their honor at lunch. Liam loves to support local businesses whether it’s eating pasta at R Pizza or buying a cookie at Maverik. He wants to make sure what he does is worth his time but as soon as he puts his mind to it watch out because his final production will be amazing. He recently has turned his focus to wrestling and his passion has seeped into all parts of his life.

CVMS is proud to have both of you as students!


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