Canyon View Middle School Captures Region Title *Photo Gallery*


By Julie Johansen

Culminating middle school wrestling for the year, Mont Harmon Middle School hosted the annual Castle Valley Athletic Association’s middle school wrestling tournament on Thursday. The four member schools each brought student wrestlers to compete.

Canyon View Middle School (CVMC) was victorious, scoring 224 points, with Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) in second, San Rafael Middle School (SRMS) in third and Helper Middle School (HMS) rounding out the competition.

Those capturing medals at this event included Trace World, CVMS, first, and Alex Winfree, MHMS, second, in the 65 lb. weight class. In the 70 lb. class, Payce Herrera, MHMS, earned first; Damien Gabrys, MHMS, took second; Ty Chrisitansen, SRMS, finished third; and Ashydyn Densley, HMS, ended in fourth. Marcus Vigil and Hayden Hunt, both of Mont Harmon, were first and second in the 75 lb. class with Trent Gilbert, CVMS, and Vance Farley, SRMS, in third and fourth, respectively.

In the 80 lb. match, Brodi Dalpiaz, MHMS, Heston McArthur, CVMS, and Xavier Nelson and Xandan Mangum, both from SRMS, held the top four spots. Dixon Peacock, CVMS, captured the top medal in the 85 lb. class with Matthew Kollar, HMS, in second; Will Ekker, CVMS, in third; and Whit Weber, SRMS, in fourth. In the 90 lb. weight division, Ryan Collard, CVMS, took the top honors followed by Spencer Harker, HMS, in second; Corban Jensen, CVMS, in third; and Kanyon Mills, MHMS, in fourth.

Raydon Ewell, CVMS, earned first in the 95 lb. class with Adrian Vasquez, MHMS, in second; Jacob Morris, CVMS, in third; and Sam Allen, SRMS, in fourth. In the 100 lb. competition, Hayden Sitterud, CVMS, took first; Derrick Birch, CVMS, earned second; Orrin McElprang, CVMS, took third; and Jared Bryson, MHMS, finished fourth.

In the 111 lb. class, Dalton Allred, CVMS, captured first; Mason Thornley, SRMS, earned second; Jack Vigor, MHMS, took third; and Ben Farley, SRMS, finished fourth. In the 118 lb. class, Taegan Atwood, CVMS, finished first; Halton Hunt, MHMS, took second; Coden Allred, CVMS, earned third; and Mason Engar took fourth.

Tavyn Allred of SRMS earned first in the 125 lb. class with Deacon Mangum of CVMS in second, Joe Murdock of SRMS in third and Damon Farley SRMS in fourth. Boden Christman of CVMS, Hazen Meccariello of SRMS, Kaden Donathon of MHMS and Kanon Childs of MHMS took first through fourth in the 132 lb. class.

Rogun Sitterud, CVMS, was first in the 140 lb. class followed by Case Turner, SRMS, in second; Paul Hernanadez, MHMS, in third; and Spence Hernaadez, CVMS, in fourth. The 150 lb. wrestlers were led by Eleke Lang, MHMS, first; Robert Thomas, CVMS, second; Haydon Olsen, MHMS, third; and Devin Byars, SRMS, fourth.

In the 160 lb. weight class, Tony Taylor, SRMS, earned first; Blake Sitterud, CVMS, took second; Gavin Fausett, HMS, finished third; and Anthony Wilson, MHMS, took fourth. The heavy weight class finishers were Emilio Puenti, CVMS, first; Calvin Hadfield, CVMS, second; Josh Howard, SRMS, third and James Newman, MHMS, fourth.

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