Canyon View Middle School Student of the Week


Trent Gilbert

Trent has set some fantastic academic goals for himself this year and has seen his hard work pay off. His reading level continues to increase each month and is on his way to achieve his math content goal. Trent likes to get outside and hunt. Perhaps, much like his favorite movie, he takes an old dingy yeller dog with him and sits down to whatever game meat after a successful hunt. Or, if unsuccessful, could always sit down for his preferred meal, and enjoy a steak. Trent not only has seen success in the classroom but on the wrestling mat as well. His hard work is sure to pay off as he heads into the region wrestling tournament this week!

Adaline Black

Adaline has worked hard all year to maintain straight A’s in both quarters so far and puts in time and effort to stay on top of everything, including her school goals. In addition to her straight A’s, she has made amazing growth on her reading level and almost mastered 1/2 of her math content in Aleks. Her hard work pays off and if you ask Addie, she would be happy to accept a payment in the form of a puppy (hint hint mom and dad)! In addition to her academic achievements, she is the highlight for many of her friends and acquaintances at Canyon View and sincerely cares about others. We are proud of her!

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