Canyon View Middle School Student of the Week


Corbyn has earned student of the week for the hard work he puts forth every day at school. He recognizes that in order to be successful he needs to practice and work hard. He demonstrates that in the classroom as well as all the sports he participates in. He has made huge gains in both reading and math, helping his Literacy class earn an award for the most yards gained in our school’s Superbowl challenge. He has a knack with 3D design and has created some awesome products like a wiffle ball, football, and a baseball bat. Given the theme of his designs, it might be hard to guess what Corbyn enjoys in his free time, or not hard to guess at all! Whenever he does have a break from school or the 5 sports he plays, Corbyn enjoys eating any kind of seafood he can get his hands on! Corbyn consistently has a great attitude and is willing to help others out. CVMS is proud to have you as a student!

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