Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Jess Larsen

Jess has been selected for student of the week because of his dedication to learning and contribution to his school. He is a fun-loving kid who takes pride in his schoolwork. Give this kid some peanuts and cracker jacks since the baseball field seems to be his favorite place to be. Everyone better get his autograph now because Jess is on his way to break Barry Bonds’ record! When he’s not crushing baseballs over the fence, he can be found on the football field or pounding the pumpkin on the court, but somehow still finds time to pursue his passion as an influencer on YouTube. He continues his success at school as well and takes pride in being a student council member. He works hard to make CVMS an excellent place for all students to learn!


Collin Cordner

Collin has been selected for student of the week for his positive attitude and desire to always put forth his best work. He is a hard working cowboy down to his core and can’t wait for the day he buys himself a truck. When he’s not working on the farm or riding a horse, chances are you’ll find him learning life lessons from the one and only John Wayne. Pretty sure Collin could quote The Cowboys line for line! While his friends are the BEST part of Canyon View, he values his family and everything they have taught him. While he is at school, Collin takes pride in collaborating with classmates and making contributions in class discussions. He consistently has a positive attitude and has been a great addition to our CVMS family!

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