Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Emberlyn Peacock is a very positive influence at our school. She goes the extra mile to involve students in need, is great to compliment students and staff to brighten their day. Emberlyn feels that a great teacher ensures student understanding, and doesn’t make fun of, or mistreat students. We are grateful to have Emberlyn at Canyon View and hope that we all can be mindful and respectful of each other here at Canyon View. Emberlyn enjoys art, music, movies and some good natured torturing of her friends. She is trying to not hate math and P.E. this year, and is focused on doing her best.

Maggie Jeffs feels a great teacher is patient and nice. She thinks a good student is kind and helpful. We at Canyon View couldn’t agree more, and are recognizing Maggie for displaying those qualities every day as a student at CVMS. Maggie is the first to volunteer in her yearbook class and takes the initiative to get right to work when she arrives in class. Her favorite subjects are art and band where she plays the clarinet. Maggie loves to read and is a fan of any book you put in front of her. Maggie’s favorite colors are purple and yellow, but (as far as we know) is not a Los Angeles Laker fan. Maggie enjoys spaghetti and to this writer’s surprise, okra. 

Emberlyn and Maggie are a joy to have at Canyon View and we are excited to recognize each of them as this week’s “students of the week”.

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