Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Morgan Tuttle

Morgan Tuttle is being recognized for student of the week for being a team player and taking responsibility for her own learning. She values her learning by consistently asking clarifying questions to make sure she understands what is being taught while maintaining a positive attitude in the classroom. Morgan carries her positive attitude with her on to the volleyball court and continues to lead her team there. She’s pretty positive she couldn’t live without volleyball, but doesn’t want to see if that’s really the case. Her dream job is to be a professional volleyball player and if  her dedication and hard work continues, she could make it a reality! She is an awesome friend to everyone and does what she can to help others feel special. Congratulations Morgan, Canyon View is grateful for your contributions to our school!


Breagan Ortega

Breagan Ortega is being recognized for student of the week for his positive attitude and dedication to our school goals. He has proven he’s a hard worker by making a huge increase on both his Alex pie and reading level. He believes that each day is a gift and truly values each minute by being kind and always looking for ways to help others. Breagan, AKA Bacon, has an unselfish heart and if he was given one wish it would be to end world hunger. Since that’s something beyond his control, he will settle for a posterized dunk on his opponent! Bacon has a great smile and will befriend anyone he comes in contact with, usually with a creative handshake. Congratulations Bacon, you help make Canyon View an awesome place to be!

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