Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Traxstin Gardner

Traxstin is being recognized for student of the week for his hard work towards our school goals this year! He has shown he cares about his learning through his amazing growth in both reading and writing. In the classroom, he continually stays on task and does what he needs to do to succeed. He is proud of the fact he made Top Cat every term in 7th grade and has made it a goal to achieve that again during his 8th grade year. Those who may not know Traxstin might think he’s shy, but get him talking about dirt bikes, or especially Fortnite OG, then days of him staying on task are dunzo! He is such an awesome kid to know, and more importantly, is a great friend and kind to others. Keep up the great work, Traxstin, CV is proud of you!

Brek Griffin

Brek Griffin is being recognized for student of the week for setting great goals for himself, both academic and personal. He has the ability to know where he currently stands, as well as knowing where he wants to be. Something that makes him stand out is also knowing, and then doing what he needs to so he can move from one place to the next. He recognizes and values his ability to work hard which can be seen not only in the classroom, but in whichever sport he is currently playing. He has played a big role in helping Canyon View athletics be successful mirroring his favorite quote, “There is no “I” in team”. Rumor has it that he can dunk the ball and everyone at Canyon View can’t wait to see him prove it this basketball season! Keep up the hard work Brek!

Kylie Pruitt

Kylie Pruitt is being recognized for student of  the week for her dedication to our school goals. She recently proved her hard work is paying off and was recently celebrated for her amazing growth in reading! She makes it a priority to keep up on her school work, maintains fantastic grades and has awesome attendance. Kylie has an amazing sense of fashion and is always on point from her stylish hair, down to her sweet kicks! She recognizes that kindness shows what kind of person you are and tries to live by that daily. She values her friendships with others and makes her relationship with her mom a priority. Without those two things, in addition to her love of food, life would be pretty dull! Congratulations Kylie, you brighten up our school with your positive attitude!

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