Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Priscila Payan

Priscila Payan is being celebrated for student of the week for her determination and hard work towards her learning. She ensures she stays caught up on her school work and makes the effort to produce her best work. She isn’t afraid to advocate for herself whenever she needs clarification or additional help. She continuously has a smile on her face and is full of energy. Priscila loves participating in volleyball and basketball at our school, not only for the competition but for the added time she gets to spend with her friends on and off the court. Priscila enjoys the time she gets to spend with her family. Even though she may complain about her “pesky” brothers or doing chores, she wouldn’t trade the time spent with each other for anything! Way to go Priscila, you help make Canyon View an enjoyable place to learn!

Brogan Ward

Brogan Ward is being celebrated for student of the week because of his dedication and excellent effort to being a successful Canyon View student. He strives to meet the school goals and excels at meeting his personal goals as well. Brogan not only maintains top notch grades, but he is also kind and respectful to adults and peers alike. Something he takes pride in is the fact that he doesn’t spend a lot of time on his phone. He prefers to spend time outside like cruising through town on his scooter, preparing cows for stock show, and traveling the country for vacation. He learned a valuable lesson on a vacation trip last year, pretty sure he will remember to leave his pocket knife home on his next flight! Congratulations Brogan, Canyon View has enjoyed your bright smile in our halls!

Boland Andrus

Boland Andrus is being celebrated for student of the week for all the hard work he applies to his learning and our school goals. He consistently knows where he currently stands, where he needs to be and then what he can do to make the needed progress. He enjoys any shop time he can get at school, even if it’s sweeping or cleaning up others’ messes. He has a passion for playing hockey and has designed a hockey stick for his free project at school. He can’t wait to practice his puck handling skills once he’s done building. Boland is a bit of an adrenaline junky and enjoys hitting the mountain terrain on his bike. Based on his need to speed, it’s not a surprise that his bucket list includes skydiving and driving a race car. Keep working hard Boland, Canyon View is proud of all your accomplishments!

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