Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Jayden Brunson

Jayden Brunson is being celebrated for student of the week for his desire to make our school goals a priority. He works hard to ensure his STAR and Aleks scores are where they need to be. He strives to complete work in class and is always willing to help when asked. Jayden is a great kid and enjoys the time he spends with family and friends. His group of friends always seems to be quoting movies, laughing at a recent joke and reminiscing about what they did over the weekend. When he needs to relax, he enjoys playing football or riding his dirt bike. If given the opportunity to meet anyone he would pick David Goggins so he could hear about all his amazing accomplishments and learn how he is known as the toughest man alive. Congratulations Jayden, your dedication to our goals is fantastic and we appreciate you!

Easton Grange

Easton Grange is being celebrated for student of the week for his ability to push through obstacles and achieve great things. He set some awesome goals for 3rd quarter and was able to accomplish them to qualify for Top Cat. His hard work paid off as he made a massive jump on STAR, in addition to working hard in all classes to make improvements on his grades. Easton is a funny kid who everyone wants to be around. He enjoys having a good time and making everyone around him laugh. His family is a top priority and he values the time they spend together whether it’s going on hunting trips or just hanging around at home. He enjoys being active and is up for playing any type of sport. Congratulations Easton, CVMS is proud of your accomplishments in the classroom this year!



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