Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


McKessa Oveson

Mckessa Oveson has been nominated for student of the week for her hard work and determination towards meeting her personal and school goals. She strives to be successful in school and has high expectations for herself. If she notices she may not be meeting them, she is able to self-correct and gets back to work. She is kind and helpful to her peers and she enjoys participating in class where she can share her ideas on any topic we are learning about. Kessa knows what she likes and is proud to support the brands she loves. She can always be found walking the halls of Canyon View sporting her Batman backpack and a Stanley in her hand. She also enjoys playing the dirt whether it’s playing softball or barrel racing with her favorite horse! Congratulations Kessa, we’ve enjoyed having you at CV this year!

Logan Lester

Logan Lester has been nominated for student of the week for his consistent effort and contributions in the classroom. He proves he has a strong internal drive and motivation by participating in class discussions, staying caught up on assignments and knowing what he needs to do to be a successful student. He recognizes that the best part of Canyon View is that everyone helps each other out and makes sure he does his part by being a kind friend and classmate who helps others. Another part of CV that Logan enjoys is the athletic teams he gets to be a part of. From running routes on the football field to eurosteps on the basketball hardwood, this kid is fun to watch! Congratulations Logan, we are grateful for all your contributions to our school!

Johnny Fox

Johnny Fox has been nominated for student of the week for working hard in class and his desire to continually do better. It is clear that he maintains an awareness of our school goals by knowing what he needs to do to then apply himself to reach those goals. He worked hard during third quarter to ensure he would qualify for Top Cat and can now celebrate with his classmates on our upcoming trip. While he values the learning environment of school, he would prefer to spend his days outside learning the life lessons of working on the farm. One of his favorite things to do is rodeo and has been able to show off his hard work and success in the tie down roping event with a new buckle! Congratulations Johnny, Canyon View is lucky to have you in our classrooms!

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