Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Dakota O’Neil

Dakota O’Neil has been nominated for student of the week for putting in a lot of effort in class, and it’s really paying off, especially with his progress on the STAR test. Dakota’s not just a good student, though—he’s also a fantastic friend. Everyone loves hanging out with him because he’s so much fun and always has a smile on his face. When Dakota’s not hitting the books, you can usually find him jamming out to rap music. Drake and Juice WRLD are his favorites, and he’s always up for discussing the latest tracks. But music isn’t his only passion; Dakota loves getting outdoors and riding bikes or shooting hoops with his friends. And like many others his age, he enjoys spending some time gaming, with Fortnite being his game of choice. Congratulations Dakota, CVMS is grateful to have you walk our halls!

Brylie Fox

Brylie Fox has been nominated for student of the week for taking her learning seriously and always striving to do her best. She continuously sets high standards for herself and is able to reach them, but she also knows how to let loose and let her hilarious side shine through! Once you get to know her, you’ll see she’s always cracking jokes and spreading laughter wherever she goes. Brylie recently made the Emery High cheerleading squad and is loving every minute of it. She’s a real team player, always encouraging and supporting her teammates, whether they’re on the field or off. Brylie’s ambitions don’t stop there—she’s got big dreams for the future! She’s really into doing nails and has her sights set on becoming a nail technician someday. Congratulations Brylie, your positive attitude and determination will ensure a bright future for yourself!

Heath Lupo

Heath Lupo has been nominated for student of the week for his positive attitude and contribution to our school goals. He has been a real trooper since his injury, putting in the hard work with a smile on his face. He’s a genuinely nice guy, always treating others with respect and kindness. It’s awesome to see how much he’s improved in his reading and writing goals—it’s like he’s on fire with his progress! Plus, he’s got some killer dance moves that light up any party. Heath’s not afraid to show his true self and he’s always up for a good time, making him a total blast to be around! Heath’s gratitude towards his family shines through in everything he does, their support fueling his drive to excel both in the classroom and on the football field. Congratulations Heath, your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all!


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