Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Eliza Martinez

Eliza Martinez has been nominated for student of the week for her unwavering dedication and positive presence since joining the school community. At CVMS, Eliza has thrived, embracing every opportunity with enthusiasm. As a passionate reader, she immerses herself in books, reflecting her thirst for knowledge and love for learning. Eliza’s kindness radiates through her interactions, as she extends warmth and friendship to all. Beyond her friendly personality, she possesses a remarkable resilience, facing life’s challenges with unwavering determination. A quick study, she effortlessly absorbs and retains information, showcasing her intellect and adaptability. With aspirations to become a teacher or therapist, her compassionate spirit shines through her desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives. Congratulations Eliza, your presence has benefited our school community.



Daniel Muava’a

Daniel Muava’a has been nominated for student of the week for his desire to do his best and contribute to our school goals. Daniel’s resiliency and zest for life make him a standout student at Canyon View. Despite his tough exterior, his intellect shines through, demonstrating a remarkable aptitude for both physical and mental challenges. Outside of school, Daniel’s dedication extends to his family’s farm, where his hard work and commitment are invaluable. While his aspirations lean towards a career as a diesel mechanic, his natural talent for coding reveals a multifaceted skill set and a curiosity for technology. In his downtime, Daniel finds solace in the simple pleasures of life, cherishing moments of rest and relaxation, particularly his love for sleeping. Congratulations Daniel, CVMS has enjoyed your many contributions to our school.


Gunner Dansie

Gunner Dansie has been nominated for student of the week for his hard work and desire to succeed in school. Punctual and driven, Gunner consistently demonstrates dedication to his academic pursuits and athletic endeavors. With an unwavering passion for football and basketball, he embodies sportsmanship both on and off the field. His dream of becoming a professional football player fuels his relentless determination, evident in his exceptional speed on foot and even on a motorcycle. Beyond his athletic prowess, Gunner is a reliable friend, always ready to lend a helping hand. His kindness and encouragement uplift those around him, inspiring everyone to strive for greatness. Canyon View Middle School sends a heartfelt congratulations to Gunner Dansie for his outstanding achievements and positive impact at our school!




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