Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Grady Oveson

Grady Oveson has been recognized as student of the week for his willingness to get work done and contribute to our school goals. Something that sets him apart is how he’s a top-notch big brother, always looking out for his little sis and saying she’s the best gift he’s ever gotten. Grady’s love and appreciation for family remain at the forefront of his priorities. He credits his mom as an indispensable source of love and support and values their time together as precious memories. He is all about sports, especially basketball—he’s a real hoopster at Canyon View. When he’s not hitting the court, he’s diving into gaming, especially when he can square off against his buddies. Lil Yachty’s his jam, and meeting him in real life would be a dream come true for Grady. Congratulations Grady, your loyalty and zest for life is a great addition to our family here at CVMS!


Cheyenne Christensen

Cheyenne Christensen has been recognized as student of the week for committing to meet her goals and showing growth in all her academic endeavors. A true gem, her strong work ethic is evident in her unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether she’s tackling tasks with enthusiasm or lending a hand to those in need, she approaches every endeavor with a contagious positivity that uplifts those around her. Known for her warm smile and willingness to assist others, Cheyenne’s genuine nature makes her a cherished friend to many. Her passion for rodeo, particularly breakaway roping, reflects her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. Cheyenne’s deep affinity for animals knows no bounds, as she could easily engage in endless conversations about her furry friends. In her presence, it’s clear that she embodies the spirit of Canyon View, where camaraderie and compassion flourish. Congratulations Cheyenne, your presence enriches the school community!


Daeton Cordova

Daeton Cordova has been recognized for student of the week for his effort and desire to be successful in school. A quick learner with a thirst for knowledge, Daeton’s enthusiasm for academic engagement is infectious, making him a valuable asset to any learning environment. With a contagious smile adorning his face, Daeton exudes kindness and helpfulness in all his interactions, fostering a sense of warmth and inclusivity within the school community. His genuine compassion extends to both peers and adults, reflecting his innate sense of empathy and respect for others. His passion for math is evident in his enthusiastic approach to the subject, while his love for the anime series Naruto reveals a deeper appreciation for storytelling and imagination. An avid anime enthusiast, Daeton could easily engage in endless conversations about his favorite shows. Congratulations Daeton, your infectious smile and kind heart has left a lasting impression in our halls!


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