Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Aleeyah Cowley

Aleeyah can be found playing in the dirt of the softball diamond, shooting hoops on the hardwood, or protecting the net playing volleyball. Her dedication helps her achieve her goals while refining her craft, whether that’s playing sports or in the classroom. You can see her walking the halls in her sweet kicks on the way to her favorite class held in the gym. Being a shoe aficionado, it’s no surprise that the Nike store is her favorite place to be. Her favorite color is orange, but do not suppose that she is a Texas Longhorn fan, her loyalties lie with their Big 12 (future SEC) rival, the Oklahoma Sooners.

Aleeyah is a great student who takes pride in her learning. She values the goals she has set for herself and pushes to achieve them. Aleeyah takes ownership of her education and is confident enough to ask teachers questions to ensure her learning. She is focused on improvement and supports others in their achievements.


Levi Dimond

Levi spends his time at Canyon View playing basketball, tearing up the track (possibly in a vintage pair of PF Flyers), experimenting in science, or reading. His appetite for reading may only be rivaled by his appetite for pizza or anything at Freddy’s. Levi believes good teachers help students and good students “listen”, we “hear you” Levi. He is supportive of his peers and is a valued part of our Canyon View family. Levi’s passion for reading is contagious and while it is likely unfair to narrow his favorite book down to one, he settled on Blood of Olympus as his current favorite. When he opts to put novels back on the shelf, his move of choice is The Sandlot. We concur with Levi’s taste in movies, and could watch The Sandlot FOR-EV-ER!

Levi works hard pushing himself to high standards. He is a voracious reader and is always looking for challenging books that will push him to higher reading levels. He takes responsibility for his learning, he is true to himself, and he helps encourage others to make growth and progress.


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