Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Braxton Royse

Braxton Royse A.K.A. Royse can oftentimes be found tearing it up on the football field or basketball court. At other times you’ll find him goofing around and making jokes with his friends. He is a great friend who can make anyone laugh and is happy to share in his laughter. There is a secret side to Mr. Royse though. A side not many notice but some of his teachers have. Royse works hard to understand and learn. He keeps a positive attitude in challenging situations. He has a mind for numbers and seeing him put it to good use is fabulous. He has made yards of growth in reading and math this year. He’s going to be so upset his academic secret is out wink  wink !

Skylen Cox

Skylen has such a positive vibe and is a joy to be around. Although he burns rubber running on the streets for cross country, he enjoys tearing through the trails on his dirt bike any chance he gets. That’s a great skill Skylen, but please, no donuts in the CVMS parking lot. He’s not picky when it comes to a favorite book in the Percy Jackson series, but his favorite band by a landslide is Fleetwood Mac. He is quiet while in class, but quick to jump in and help others. Skylen has had plenty of practice helping others as a middle child of a large family. He works hard every day to learn and reach new heights. He loves to read and hang out with his friends. He has great insight on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and we feel that Skylen is well on his way to being a highly effective adult.


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