Canyon View vs. Mont Harmon Wrestling Results


The following results were from the Canyon View vs. Mont Harmon varsity wresting meet at CVJH on Thursday afternoon:

Trey Cider- MH: Won

Colton Allred- CV: Lost

Weight: 75

Dillion Grant- MH: Lost

Joseph Stoddard- CV: Won

Weight: 81

Kyler Magaan- MH: Lost

Cole Stoddard- CV: Won

Weight: 87

Allan Manzo- MH: Lost

Darrell Guymon- CV: Won

Weight: 93

Chandler Boyd-MH: Won

Austin Allred- CV: Lost

Weight: 99

Robbi Matkin- MH: Lost

Justin Jennings- CV: Won

Weight: 105

Taylor Griffeth- MH: Won

David Bird- CV: Lost

Weight: 111

Jesse Turner- MH: Lost

Kallon Curtis- CV: Won

Weight: 118

Justice Pendray- MH: Won

Chance Thompson- CV: Lost

Weight: 124

Taylor Abeyla- MH: Won

Race Nielson- CV: Lost

Weight: 132

Logan Olsen- MH: Lost

Matt Mecham- CV: Won

Weight: 140

Nash Nicholson- MH: Lost

Jorge Valenzuela- CV: Won

Weight: 148

Peyton Fausett- MH: Won

Hal Guymon- CV: Lost

Weight: 155


Ty Mecham- CV: Won by default

Weight: 165

Wyatt Jeffs- MH: Won

Oscar Flores- CV: Lost

Weight: 175

Dallyn Mower- MH: Won

Micah Ross- CV: Lost

Weight: Heavy Weight

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