Captain David Jones Introduces Community Covenant in Elmo Town


Captain David Jones of the Army National Guard visited the Elmo Town Council Wednesday to introduce the Utah Community Covenant Program designed to strengthen support for the United States Military.

Jones presented the same program to the Cleveland Town Council on Jan. 12.В The Goal is to have every city in Utah to sign a Covenant.

They discussed drafting a city resolution that would designate a “Military Liaison” and authorize the Community Covenant. The resolution would form a collaborative group of city leaders, educators, law enforcement, clergy, employers, and VSO’s.

The Covenant would provide city leaders with education, training and assistance to service members and their families and will lessen stress and the hassles of deployments and post deployment for military families.

Jones said families benefit when community members come together in support of the Military.

“We know what it’s like and our families know what it’s like when the community comes together and shows public support for the Armed Forces,” he said.

Elmo Town will have follow-up meeting to make final decisions on the subject.

For more information about the Utah Community Covenant Program, click here.

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