Carbon Administration Backpedals with Butler & Staff


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler

After news surfaced Tuesday morning that Jared Butler and the rest of his staff had been relieved of their coaching duties, hundreds voiced their support of the Dino coaching staff. The response by the community led to a private meeting with Carbon High administration as well as Butler and his staff.

An apology was made during the meeting and the coaches were offered their positions back. Coach Butler and company will take the next few days to weigh their options before they decide whether to return or not.

Shanae Butler, Jared’s wife, took to social media and posted the following statement that sums up the past week.

“To everyone who has supported Jared and the CHS coaching staff during this crazy time, our family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you. We have read all the texts, posts, and emails we had access to. I am truly humbled and stunned by the sheer volume of support for him. I am so proud of him… always, but especially in the face of this. We met with Carbon District and Carbon High administrators this evening. They will be issuing a public apology and have asked him and the rest of the staff to consider coming back. I know Coach Carlson, Coach Cologie, Coach Stevenson, and Coach Butler are truly what is best for Carbon boys’ basketball. They are taking a little time to consider everything. Please be patient with them as they do. But, know this… if they ultimately decide to take the reins again it will be because of all of you. To the players… you all know how much he cares for you, wants what is best for you, and wants to push you to be better. Your support has meant the world to us. To the parents, I have been so touched to see your genuine care and concern. I truly don’t have words to adequately express my gratitude. To the community, this die-hard Emery girl is proud to vicariously be part of your community and so should you be. I know many of you took huge risks and lots of time out of your life to join this fight. I love you all for it. The coaching staff will spend a few days thinking about the events of the last three days and make a decision. As soon as they do, they will let you all know. Again, thank you! All my love – Shanae.”

The question as to what brought on the initial decision to separate has gone unanswered due to privacy laws. There has also been no clear comment on whether or not the decision to let go of softball coach Wade Williams is final or if it is being reconsidered.

On Thursday afternoon, the Carbon School District issued the following statement: “The Carbon High School Administration would like to issue a public apology to Coach Jared Butler and his coaching staff. Two days ago, Coach Butler was let go as the head men’s basketball coach. As an administration, we recognize that the firing of Coach Butler was not handled properly and the reasons for the firing were not valid. We believe that the coaching staff deserves that opportunity to continue to work with players and help the team succeed. We want to assure Coach Butler, his staff, parents, players, teachers and members of the public that we have confidence in these coaches. Coach Butler is a man of the highest caliber and integrity. He and his coaches support their players, teach them valuable life skills, and hold them to high standards both on and off the court. He treats his players with respect and works to build them up. He is an excellent leader, mentor and example to his players and students. We recognize the damage that has been done to Coach Butler and his staff and for that we are truly sorry.”

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