Carbon and Emery Counties on the Fast Track to Success


Director of Rural Programs Delynn Fielding from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development visited with Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) members on Thursday to praise Carbon and Emery counties for the strides they are making to better the economy.

Fielding explained that the governor’s vision is for Utah to lead the nation as the best performing economy and be recognized as a premier global business destination. According to the rural programs director, Utah is certainly on its way to meeting that goal.

As of March 2014, unemployment rates were at 4.1%, making it the state with the sixth lowest unemployment rate in the nation. In addition, Utah is rated sixth in the nation for having the most diverse economy.

These numbers are due in part to desirable characteristics that make Utah a beneficial place to own a business. Some of the top benefits of owning a business in Utah include a low cost of conducting business (such as low taxes), a willing workforce and accessibility of infrastructure.

Carbon and Emery counties have continued to prove that Utah is a great place to live through programs such as BEAR. According to Fielding, the state has a formula that helps ensure rural areas succeed. The coordination and collaboration plus efficiency and effectiveness formula takes place within counties, through programs such as BEAR, to move forward and grow economically.

“Carbon and Emery counties are leaders in the formula,” Fielding said. “My job is honestly to get other areas to the level you are at here.”

He went on to explain that Carbon and Emery counties work well together and strive to grow. Between the collaborations of the counties, Carbon and Emery have secured 50% of the Rural Fast Grants that are available to counties throughout the state of Utah. These grants have been secured by hardworking individuals throughout the area.

“You are in a good position to move things,” he concluded. “You are in a really good position.”

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