Carbon and Emery High trade volleys on the tennis court

On Thursday afternoon the Carbon High and Emery High girl’s tennis teams faced off at the Price City tennis courts. Emery Came out on top of the contest.

“We are still experimenting with the varsity line-up. They are steadily improving. I’m very happy with their improvement and their excitement for learning how to play tennis.” said Carbon Tennis Coach Tom Alleman.

The results are unofficial since it was a non region match.

1st Singles Madelyn Carter(E)   v Chelese Nielson (C) EHS  6-4; 7-5

2nd Singles Tina Laycock (E)  v Sadie Watson (C) EHS wins 6-1; 7-5

3rd Singles Elizabeth Anvik (C) v MicKayla Pretttyman (E)  EHS wins 6-1; 7-5


1st Doubles Kaydee Gilson and Anna-Jean Akin (C) v Savanna Woolsey and  Banner Fauver (E)  EHS wins 6-3; 6-2

2nd Doubles Kylie Oakey and Kylee Jarrett (C)  v Brittany Fortner and  Ashleigh Robinson (E) wins 6-1; 6-0



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