Carbon and Emery School Districts Release Summer Lunch Schedules


The summertime has arrived once again, and with it, the summer lunch program schedules for both the Carbon and Emery School District. These lunches are provided to children and teens in the area to ensure that they have the opportunity for a free lunch and breakfast, even in the summer months.

For the Carbon School District (CSD), the program will run from June 3 to July 25. The program will be available Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon at Bruin Point, Castle Heights, Creekview, Sally Mauro and Wellington Elementary schools.

Those ages zero to 18 will be welcome to enjoy the meals, with baby food available upon request. To-go lunches will be served and breakfast will be sent home daily with lunch. On Thursday, weekend meals will be sent home and adults that would like to eat as well can do so for $5.

For the Emery School District (ESD), the program will also begin on June 3 and will run until July 31. There is a myriad of locations and times in Emery County in which these lunches will be available, such as the elementary schools, local parks, museums and more.

The ESD meals will be served as a grab-n-go sack lunch with breakfast for the following day and meals for the weekend will be served with the Friday meals. These meals are free for anyone 18 and under. For a full list of locations and times for Emery County, see below.

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