Carbon and Emery Swim Teams Go Head-to-Head


By Anna Bryner

The Carbon and Emery High swim teams competed Wednesday at Emery. The Carbon girls narrowly defeated the Emery girls 154-131, while the Emery boys defeated the Carbon boys 158-114.

In the girls 200 medley relay, Carbon’s relay team composed of Addy Olson, Sadie Crompton, Veronica Ibanez and Kaisha Lott swam to first place in 2:10.58 while Emery’s relay team of Madi Allinson, Kaitlyn Sailing, Laryssa Guymon and Chyanne Carter was close behind in second with a time of 2:12.09. Carbon’s B relay team made up of Andie Hofer, Heidi Prettyman, Ali Heath and Dakota Noyes took third in 2:31.80.

In the boys 200 medley relay, Emery clinched both first and second place. The Emery boys relay made up of Devin Wilson, Zac Fauver, Daryl Guymon and Alex Stilson finished in 2:05.19 while the other Emery boys relay team made up of Taigon Pulli, Ethan Lemon, Tyeray Migliori and Dakota Wright finished in 2:20.78. The Carbon boys relay team composed of Harry Torgerson, Gabe Van Dyke, Robby Jewkes and Connor Holyoak finished just behind in third in 2:21.26.

In the girls 200 freestyle, Carbon’s finished first in 2:25.96 while Emery claimed second and third with Chyanne Carter in 2:32.25 and Krista Wright in 2:44.33. In the boys 200 freestyle, Carbon’s Tyson Swasey finished first in 2:11.60 while Emery’s Kayden Parkins finished second in 2:12.56 and Ethan Lemon finished third in 2:38.81.

In the girls 200 individual medley, Emery saw Allinson finish first in 2:39.46 while Carbon earned second and third with Olson in 2:48.93 and Prettyman in 3:03.03. In the boys 200 individual medley, Carbon saw Joseph Keller finish first in 2:28.10. Emery finished second and third with Devin Wilson in 2:31.28 and Daryl Guymon in 2:38.63.

In the girls 50 freestyle, Carbon finished first and second with Crompton finishing in 29.16 and Lott finishing in 29.79. Emery finished third with Kaitlyn Carter in 30.25. In the boys 50 freestyle, Kaden Earl of Carbon finished first in 25.47 while Emery’s Wright finished in 27.71 and Garet Stilson finished in 27.88.

In the girls 100 butterfly, Emery earned first as Guymon finished in 1:08.40. Carbon took second and third as Ibanez finished in 1:11.98 and Prettyman finished in 1:30.17. In the boys 100 butterfly, Emery’s Kelven Childs took first in 1:10.18 while Carbon’s Swasey finished second in 1:14.50 and Emery’s Alex Stilson finished third in 1:21.64.

In the girls 100 freestyle, Carbon’s Susannah Ohlwiler finished first in 1:07.58. Kaitlyn Carter and Erin Oliverson of Emery finished second and third in 1:08.79 and 1:12.35, respectively. In the boys 100 freestyle, Earl of Carbon finished in 58.88 while Emery’s Alex Stilson finished second in 1:03.44 and and Fauver finished third in 1:05.43.

In the girls 500 freestyle, Carbon finished first and second with Ibanez in 6:22.93 and Chaobol in 6:52.97. Emery finished third with Chyanne Carter in 7:07.21. In the boys 500 freestyle, Carbon finished first with Keller in 5:53.63. Emery claimed second and third with Parkins in 6:37.78 and Garret Stilson in 7:08.62.

In the girls 200 freestyle relay, Carbon finished first and second. Olson, Lott, Cormpton and Chaobal finished in 1:58.79 and Ohlwiler, Stine Eikeland, Kaylee Johnson and Dakota Noyes finished in 2:06.45. Emery finished third in 2:11.55 with the team made up of Oliverson, Shaylynn Rowley, Sailing and Kaitlyn Carter. In the boys 200 freestyle relay, Emery finished first in 1:52.51 with the team made up of Guymon, Fauver, Wright and Parkins. Carbon’s A Team was disqualified, but the B team managed to finish second in 2:01.15, narrowly beating Emery’s B team who finished in 2:01.78. The Carbon team was made up of Kyson Anderson, Holyoak, Van Dyke and Jax Kraync. The Emery team was made up of Childs, Travis Fehlberg, Pulli and Garret Stilson.

In the girls 100 backstroke, Emery earned first and third. Allinson finished first in 1:12.15 while Hulse finished third in 1:27.06. Carbon earned second place with Olson’s 1:16.98 finish. In the boys 100 backstroke, Emery scored in each of the top three spots. Wilson finished in 1:08.26, Wright finished in 1:15.58 and Pulli finished in 1:18.97.

In the girls 100 breaststroke, Emery took first as Guymon finished in 1:14.31. Carbon took second and third as Crompton finished in 1:18.35 and Lott finished in 1:25.46. In the boys 100 breaststroke, Emery took first and second as Childs finished in 1:15.43 and Guymon finished second in 1:16.65. Carbon took third as Van Dyke finished in 1:22.42.

In the girls 400 freestyle relay, Emery took first and third and Carbon took second. Emery’s team made up of Guymon, Kaitlyn Carter, Chyanne Carter and Allinson finished in 4:33.03, Ibanez, Prettyman, Ohlwiler and Chaobol finished in 4:33.03 and Wright, Hulse, Valerie Chynoweth, and Oliverson finished in 5:05.30. In the boys 400 freestyle relay, Carbon finished first and Emery finished second and third. Swasey, Ryan Atwood, Earl and Keller finished in 3:55.69; Parkins, Garret Stilson, Alex Stilson and Wilson finished in 4:11.34; and Childs, Fehlberg, Lemon and Migliori finished in 4:38.83.


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