Carbon Caring For Kids Ready for Spring Break Following Generous Donations


Generous donations to Carbon Caring for Kids will ensure that local students have full bellies over spring break. Donators gave time, money, food and even Easter eggs to the organization that feeds students while they are not at school.

Local business Komatsu played a large role in the donations for the break, donating a variety of foods to Carbon Caring for Kids.

“I was told after we were done packing that the Komatsu employees covered all of the food that was brought, plus some for the coming weeks,” said Marcy Loveless, a leader for Carbon Caring for Kids. “Komatsu was ready and willing to cover the remaining food that was needed, but the employees really stepped up and donated a lot of food.”

Easter eggs and other items for the holiday break were also donated to make the kits extra special. Volunteers then joined to compile dozens of kits to be delivered to local students this week.

“Thank you who donated and provided Easter eggs and other items to make this week a success,” Loveless said.

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