Carbon Cat Rescue Asks for Return of Stolen Trap


Carbon Cat Rescue is the non-profit organization that is sweeping Carbon County and saving many stray cats, caring for them until they find their families. One way that the organization conducts these rescues are with humane cat traps.

On April 3, traps were placed in the back parking lot behind Deseret Industries. There were four traps out in the attempt to capture two pregnant cats to assist in controlling the population. However, a trap was stolen before rescue team members returned. They are unsure at this time whether or not a cat had been inside the trap at the time that it was taken.

Carbon Cat Rescue is requesting that whoever took the trap return in. The organization explained that it has limited amounts of funds and equipment to work with to complete their jobs of rescuing local cats and keeping the population calm. Carbon Cat Rescue has a Facebook page where the organization can be reached for any information regarding the trap.

Those that wish to donate a cat trap to the rescue may also contact them through Facebook.

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