Carbon Christmas Surpasses Expectations Once More


The students, faculty and other members of administration at Carbon High School once again banded together to present the annual Carbon Christmas celebration and fundraising event.

This celebration consists of many different activities, including singing carols at different locations throughout the city, a yearly craft fair and an assortment of other holiday-themed fun.

Last year, the school’s students were happy to learn that they had broken their own record by raising over $33,000 through the activities. This year, the students once again surpassed their own expectations.

A grand total of $37,148.18 was raised by the many hands that put forth great effort in seeing a great celebration come through in 2018.

Daphne Stockdale, one of Carbon High’s student government advisors, praised all those involved by stating that the students change a lot of lives with the funds raised.

“We’ve had quite a few humbling, heartwarming experiences and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Stockdale said.

The funds raised through the annual event help provide Christmas presents to those in need this holiday season. A portion of the proceeds also assist downtrodden families pay bills while more go toward scholarship funds within Carbon High.

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