Carbon County 211 System to Help First Responders Identify Residents with Special Needs


Carbon County Emergency Services Director Jason Llewelyn, spoke to Carbon County Commissioners about having a special needs registration as part of the 211 information system. This registration would allow households that have a special needs person residing there, to register that information. This is a voluntary secured database system that would only be shared with first responders in case of an emergency. The system would allow emergency crews to provide additional assistance, if needed during a crisis.

Llewelyn explained, that for example, if there was a paraplegic who was registered, that information would be given ahead to emergency responders and appropriate resources would be available if needed. Also, if a situation requiring mass evacuation occurred, such as during the Seeley Fire, then the list would be used to assure that those registered were checked on by emergency personnel.

He added that to register for the database, people would not even need to list a name, just that there is someone in the home with a specific special need. The fact that this is a voluntary service and not mandated was something commisioner Jae Potter was pleased about. The commission approved the MOU (memorandum of understanding) to put the system in place.

The county also recognized Carbon County Sheriff Bailiff Casey Alton as the employee of the month for always going above and beyond what is expected of him. Chief Deputy Tom Stefanoff and Carbon County Human Resource Director Rose Barnes presented him with the award.

The commissioners also had to re-approve the issuance of the $6.5 million bond to resurface Nine Mile Canyon Road. It was noted that the bond was issued on collateral already being used to secure the loan for the Carbonville Road project. With the clarification, the security on both loans is the same and if the county defaults on one project, they will default on both.

Commissioner John Jones stated the commissioners are aware of the collateral issue and they just wanted to make the matter public. He said it is still a great investment with $6.5 million in loan money and $9 million in grant funds.

Rick Davis was appointed to the Scofield Special Services Board and Dan Allen is now a member of the Tourism Tax Advisory Board.

The meeting concluded with the appointment of new Justice Court and Wellington City Municipal Court Judge Jon R. Carpenter.



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