Carbon County Administration Building Will be the New Home to DMV


Press Release

Carbon County recently announced the relocation of the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles from its current location on Price River Drive to the office space Carbon Recreation has been housed in at the Administration Building.

Carbon County officials were approached by representatives from the DMV with a proposal to rent space in the building. Commissioners and other county representatives worked together to determine if they could facilitate this request. After careful consideration and a strategic plan, the county has decided to move forward.

The DMV will be in the Administration Building on the first floor in Suite 1500, where Carbon Recreation has been located. Many factors contributed to the decision to move forward from the conveniences to the community to providing easier collaboration between the DMV and Carbon County Clerks/Auditor and Assessors. The DMV will pay rent to the county that will go directly to the general fund.

“Fiscally and logistically, this arrangement will be a win/win for the county and community,” said County Auditor Seth Oveson.

Carbon Recreation will be relocated to the Event Center in the Community Building. The building will be renovated to add office spaces and storage for the recreation department’s equipment.

“Moving to the event center makes sense all around,” said recreation director Frank Ori, “I am currently the director for both departments and it will be easier to manage them from one location.”

The facilities that Carbon Recreation Director Ori supervises are all located in the Fairgrounds and Event Center area except the North Springs Shooting Range. More of the recreation department staff will be available onsite to help with events, which will ease some of the responsibilities of the staff currently located there. It will also provide more camaraderie among the staff and more opportunities for Ori and Brenda Addley to pursue potential future events for the Event Center and/or Fairgrounds.

June 16, 2017 is the tentative date, but both relocations will depend on the time frame needed for the necessary renovations to both facilities. For more information contact County Auditor Seth Oveson at (435) 636-3224.

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