Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner Discusses Welcoming Back Gene Strate


Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner spoke with commissioners during their regularly scheduled Wednesday evening meeting regarding a contract for legal services to hire Gene Strate in the county office.

Strate, who previously served as an attorney for the county, would contract to do some part-time work with the county during the remainder of the year. The compensation for the position would not exceed $16,000 over the course of the year. Strate would provide about ten hours of work per week.

Bryner stated that Strate has a great deal of expertise and many years working in the county attorney’s office. He would assist with screening cases and handling certain matters, possibly appearing in court if needed. Bryner also stated that the office would certainly use his assistance from time to time.

The amount that Strate would be paid is already budgeted within the attorney office’s budget, a specific contract would just need to be composed for him. Strate would also be covered under the county’s Errors and Admissions Policy as an attorney, as the rest are.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes expressed his concern that Strate had not met his timeframe to begin working again after retirement. Bryner stated that he believes that, while officially retired, Strate can begin working again after 60 days, which would take place in March. Carbon County Human Resources Director Rose Barnes stated that she would make sure that he is able to work again and that hiring him would not infringe on his retirement.

Pending that information being obtained, the commissioners approved welcoming Strate back to the office.

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