Carbon County Boy with Rare Disease Wishes for a Trip to Hawaii Through Make-A-Wish Program


Eleven-year-old Carbon County resident Canyon has wished for a trip to Hawaii through the Utah Make-A-Wish program.

The young boy was born with a birth defect that took doctors nearly 10 years to diagnose. After many doctor visits, Canyon was eventually diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Only 50 cases of his condition have been identified throughout the world.

This disorder sometimes makes it hard for him to move and walk around, but the young boy carries on like a solider and doesn’t let it stop him. In fact, Canyon owns his very own snow cone stand in Carbon County that helps keep him busy.

Family and friends describe the young boy as a cheerful, outgoing and friendly. He loves being around others and knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Canyon’s condition has qualified him to make his wish come true on wanting to take a trip to Hawaii with his family, all thanks to the Utah Make-A-Wish program.

Due to his condition, he has not been able to do much traveling. Therefore, this trip will hit many milestones for him. This will be his first time flying on a plane, digging his toes into the sand on a beach and playing in the ocean.

To help make Canyon’s wish come true, Lin’s Fresh Market is accepting donations throughout the month of August. Any amount is appreciated and accepted to help Canyon on this journey.

To read more about Canyon and his story, please click here.

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