Carbon County Building Department Available for Onsite Inspections for Flood Victims


Carbon County Building Department Press Release

Property owners in Wellington that experienced flood damage may call (435) 636-3261 to arrange an onsite inspection of a property to determine the damaged items in your basement or other damaged structure that will need repair or replacement to have an inspection for full occupancy of the home.

We will issue building permits to establish a record of your compliance. Your insurance company may want this. We will work out permit fees with Wellington City. Our main objective now is to begin recovery.

Normally, we would inspect to see if the basement framing is structurally sound, the electrical system is properly roughed in and any plumbing is properly installed. If a furnace or water heater is involved, the metal vents for the older furnaces and plastic vent for the new high efficiency furnaces will be inspected also.

Once we have done this rough inspection, you may insulate and sheetrock to prepare for the finish. At our final inspection, we will be looking for handrails on stairs, proper hook up of heating and water heating equipment, covers and light fixtures on the electrical and smoke detectors among other items.

Pilling Trailer Park flood homeowners may call (435) 636-3260 to arrange an onsite inspection of your home to determine if your flood impacted structure and systems of your mobile or manufactured home will be determined acceptable for repair and/or replacement, and for approval for occupancy of the home.

If so determined to be acceptable, Carbon County will issue building permits by application to establish a record of your compliance. Your insurance company may want this. Our main objective now is to begin recovery for those homes determined to be acceptable.

If your home had water on the floor, it will not be determined acceptable. It must be removed from the area. If it is determined to be acceptable, you will need to remove it to another acceptable location for repair or other disposition.

You can also contact us at or

It has been determined that citizens who own property in Carbon County are eligible under State of Utah Tax Code 59-2-1004.5 ss(1)(iii) to receive an adjustment for a decrease in taxable value of real property IF damage is caused by a natural disaster AND if the owner of the property applies to the county board of equalization for an adjustment no later than 45 days after the day on which the natural disaster occurs. (59-2-1004.5 ss (4)(A)(i))

However, an individual application to the Board of Adjustment must be made directly to the County Clerk/Auditors office. A downloadable form may be found by going to the Carbon County Website ( under the Assessors Department, under forms.

In an effort to give much needed relief as quickly as possible, Carbon County is asking that the applications for adjustment be dropped off to the County Clerk / Auditors Office no later than Thursday, November 13, 2014 (45 days) as required by law.

If you have any questions feel free to call Julie P. Medley, Carbon County Assessor at (435) 636-3248.

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