Carbon County Chamber of Commerce Spotlights Eastern Utah Women’s Health


The Carbon County Chamber of Commerce honored Danielle Howa-Pendergrass and her medical practice, Eastern Utah Women’s Health, at its September luncheon.

Howa-Pendergrass spoke for a few minutes to thank the chamber and mostly the community for the support they have shown her business. She also outlined the journey she has taken from the beginning of her career to now, what it means to be a healthcare provider in a rural area and the role she plays in advocating for rural healthcare in the political realm.

“I get to help states throughout the nation understand what rural health care is, using Carbon County as an example,” Howa-Pendergrass said. “It takes more than just the medical field to create and build a culture of health. Thank you for supporting me and my business. It not only makes a major impact in our community, but it is helping everyone throughout the nation make an impact in theirs.”

Also speaking at the luncheon were Paul Anderson of Eastern Utah Broadcasting, Jenni Fasselin of the Sun Advocate and Kristen Lavelett of Buy Local First Utah. Each of these speakers addressed what in means to Carbon County to shop and buy local.

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