Carbon County Commission Approves 2021 Budget Amendments


A public hearing for opening and amending the 2021 budget was hosted during the Wednesday evening Carbon County Commission meeting.

Carbon County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing began this hearing by stating that, each year, the county ends up needing to amend the budget at least once, if not twice. The reason behind this is that each year, the county generally receives additional funding, especially in the form of grants, which then have to be added to the budget.

There are also generally expenditures that are not budgeted for in the beginning of the year for a number of reasons, said Marsing. As part of this, the code requires that the amendments be available for 10 days prior to the hearing and that the county advertise it for two weeks in the local newspaper that the amendment process has taken place.

Marsing then discussed some of the amendments, such as the one to Fund 10, the general fund, which is a large increase in the budget mostly due to the American Rescue Plan Act funding that was received from the state. This amendment was an increase of $2.71 million.

Marsing continued with amendments, including but not limited to, an increase in the municipal service fund of $48,000 and a $2.9 million increase to Fund 56, which is the building authority fund.

The community was then given an opportunity to approach the podium for comment, though none were given. The amendments to the budget were approved following the closure of the public hearing.

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