Carbon County Commission Approves 2021 Budget


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The Carbon County Commissioners hosted a public hearing on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. to receive input on the 2021 budget.

Carbon County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing took time to speak on the budget, stating that there have been no changes from the tentative budget that was approved to the budget before the commissioners at the meeting.

Two members of the public spoke, with the first stating that he could see that the commissioners and the budget were heading in a good direction and believed that more increases were not the answer. He also stated that he appreciated the work that the commissioners do and that the county has to work like a household and remain within the budget.

The second speaker had a simple question on whether the budget is decreased for the next year, which it was confirmed that while the budget is balanced, it is smaller.

Commissioner Tony Martines stated that they are working to be more frugal and that there are 20 projects to pay for that none of the current commissioners voted for, stressing that they have worked to not put any new debt in the community.

“It’s kind of like we’re here to clean up after the party,” Martines stated.

He continued by explaining that now that certain revenue has disappeared, they are tasked to clean up and have a balanced budget. Commissioner Martines wished to ensure that the community realized that the current commissioners are not the ones that created the debt but are the ones that are trying to pull the county out of debt.

The commissioners also discussed the wish to have more families and businesses come to the area, stating that if there are amenities, such as maintained roads and activities for families, then more families will come to the area and the more tax revenue there will be. The 2021 budget is available to view by clicking here and physical copies may be obtained at the Carbon County Administration Building.

Following the comments made by the public and discussion had by the commissioners, the 2021 budget was approved.

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