Carbon County Commission Approves Funding for the Boys & Girls Club


The Carbon County Commissioners closed their Wednesday evening meeting by revisiting the topic of providing funding to the Boys & Girls Club for the club’s relocation.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes stated that the club is in need of assistance to get up and running in the building. The commissioners previously requested time to look at where that money might come from and how much they can provide to get the club up and running.

The original asking price was $27,000. In conversing with those in the club, it led to the possibility of $9,000, which would carry them to the end of the year in the building.This would get the club back in business in order for the organization to once again provide its services.

Commissioner Larry Jensen made the motion to donate the $9,000 to make the initial move into the new building, which was approved.

Commissioner Hopes requested that County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing to review the monies for the utilities that they would have used on the former building for the remainder of the year.

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