Carbon County Commission Discusses Community Growth


One of the main focuses of the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening was the different areas in town that are being updated, changed or sold to different people or businesses. Planning and zoning director Dave Levanger spoke to the commission members on various properties.

A recommendation for improvements on East Liberty Estates and Circle K Ranch was first discussed. Levanger provided a map for the commissioners and showed them the areas that would be constructed in a new or different manner. A motion was passed for the construction project to move forward.

The next item brought up was the Kilfoyle Krafts building. The new business that would like to come in wants the building but needs a zoning change from light industrial to commercial use. The building was once under commercial use but had been approved to be changed to industrial. The commissioners approved the zoning change to go back to what it was previously.

“Hopefully this will be a benefit to our community as it will allow another business to occupy the building,” stated commissioner Jake Mellor.

A couple of other industrial buildings were brought up and approved by the commissioners for plans to move forward. Commissioner Casey Hopes stated that he is excited for these changes to bring growth to the community.

Also discussed at the meeting was the memorandum of understanding between the Carbon School District and Carbon County to provide adult education services at the jail. Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood stated that this is a valuable resource in the jail and is a beneficial program. Commissioners agreed unanimously to continue to offer the services.

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