Carbon County Commission Meets


It was business as usual at the Carbon County Commission meeting Wednesday in the Carbon County Courthouse.

The first order of business was to recognize the county employee of the month: Donn Kienholz who has been working for the county for 32 years in august. Donn works on the fairgrounds.

The commission then moved to form a trails committee. The trails committee would make a map of county trails and work to build a unified trail system in the county. The committee would include knowledgeable people familiar with building and riding trails as well as departments and agencies involved with trail development including the BLM, DWR, Forest Service and Carbon County Departments.

First Baptist church of price, wellington and east carbon came before the Commission to ask for an exemption of tax late fees due to the failure of the county to send a reminder notice. The commission granted that the error was on the side of the county and moved to approve the exemption.

The commission opened sealed bids for installation of fencing and a gate at the fairgrounds. Castle Country Fencing won the bid.

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