Carbon County Commission Talks Warrior Days


There are a lot of activities in store for this upcoming summer and one of the events that will be hosted is the second annual Warrior Days. Event organizers approached the Carbon County Commission with a donation request on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Last year’s Warrior Days took place in July and lasted four days. Greg Dart and Monty Jensen, along with Jake Mellor, aim to make this year’s celebration a one day event. A possible date for the event could be Aug. 31, but has that has not been officially determined.

The event organizers have big plans for this event to honor local veterans. The event has been requested to be held at the Carbon County Fairgrounds once again. In order for this event to be successful, there needs to be numerous donations, advertising and some sponsors. Dart, Jensen and Mellor would like this event to bring a “bigger name” to the area.

However, following last week’s discussion, there were some issues brought to light. One of these issues is having alcohol at the event, which will require some kind of law enforcement to be present. Dart reassured that the USU Eastern police officers would be at the event.

The commissioners also focused on what kind of “accountability and direction” this type of event needs and stated that there are details that need to be finalized before a donation is approved. Another issue that was discussed is the array of activities loosely planned for the event. Event organizers hope to feature different rodeo events, but additional cost for these types of events is a concern. There is more that the commissioners need to address in order for Warrior Days to be a rewarding event for the community and all those participating.

The commissioners made a point to tell all in the meeting that they would like to see Warrior Days take place, but they can’t fund it at this time. They would like to see the event happen again, but there are some things that need to be specifically addressed at a later date for it to be a successful event. There is no set date for when commissioners will discuss the event more thoroughly and reconsider a possible donation.

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