Carbon County Commissioners Approve New Landfill


Carbon County Commissioners hosted a public hearing Wednesday and approved construction for an ash landfill near Sunnyside.

The landfill would sit back in the canyon south east of the Sunnyside Cogeneration Plant.

Commissioners said the current landfill would be operable for approximately five more years. The current landfill would be reclaimed once it was full.

Commissioners said the new landfill would have a life of 8-10 years, which combined with the five from the current plant, would cover the cogeneration plant’s power agreement that runs through 2023.

The Planning Commission approved a recommendation for the new landfill. No public comments were received.


  • Commissioners hosted a public hearing to adjust the General Fund and Municipal Services Fund budgets to compensate for benefit and cost miscalculations. No public comments were received and the budget changes were unanimously approved.
  • Commissioners approved a resolution designed to help add funding to the Special Service District. The resolution would need to be advertised ahead of a public hearing before finalizing any such approval.
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