Carbon County Commissioners Call Special Meeting, Ban All Fireworks


A fireworks ban was passed during a special Carbon County Commission meeting Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at the county courthouse.

Commissioners called the meeting in result of three fires in the surrounding area.

Though the county isn’t in direct danger, commissioners still found it appropriate to ban allВ fireworks within Carbon County because of what Commissioner Jae Potter described as “dehydrated” conditions in the area.

How the commission is going to regulate the ban has yet to be determined. The ban will continue through Pioneer Day on July 24. The county’s firework show on the July 4 at the fairgrounds will continue as planned.

Commissioners then described the progress of the fires. Besides the fire crews on scene, one more crew is expected this evening to help with relief efforts.

The situation is ever-changing, so check back often with as information becomes available.


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