Carbon County Commissioners discuss Airport rehab


Airport rehabilitation moved one step closer to reality at the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday.

Carbon County Engineer Curtis Page opened sealed bids for the Carbon County Civil Air Patrol hanger construction. The lowest bid of three submitted was that of Homeland Construction at $131,920. Country Wide Builders submitted a bit of $151,635 and Stilson and Sons was $161,327. Commission members tabled a decision until next their meeting to assure all requirements were met.

Also tabled was the approval of a road agreement with the Forest Service to be able to obtain reimbursements for the costs related to the Seeley Fire BAER project.  The Cooperative Forest Road Agreement for maintenance of certain forest roads was also tabled.

Commissioner John Jones and Deputy County Attorney Christian Bryner had concerns over some of the wording in the documents.  One paragraph referred to jurisdiction of roads and it was unclear as to that would allow Forest Service employees to enforce on County roads.  Bryner was going to contact the Forest Service to clarify the wording before the commission made a decision to sign.

Carbon County IT Manager Barry Horsley spoke to the commission about the fees associated with using Paypal with the new software package that the building department is implementing. The discussion centered on whether or not to tack on the fee as an additional charge to those using PayPal for their building permit application fee or to raise the building fee to cover the cost no matter what method is used.

Carbon County Deputy Attorney Bryner mentioned some legal issues that may need to be looked in to because other departments accept credit card payments as well. The matter was tabled until further information was obtained.

The commission did move forward with approval of a change order to the contractor who is currently doing the work on runway 18/36 at the Carbon County Airport.  The change order will include runway 7/25. There is sufficient funding in the grant secured for the rehabilitation project. The county had 2 million in match that they had requested and there was also enough of that to finish both runway projects.

Approval for $2,500 to be set aside for independent counsel for the Sheriff’s Merit Board and County Board of Adjustments was passed.

The commission was also brought up to speed on economic development projects by Delynn Fielding in the work meeting before the regular session. Fielding talked about several things happening out in the industrial park area on ridge road and the potential for 80-90 new jobs in the area.

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