Carbon County Commissioners Discuss Resolution to Approve Cross Appeals


The Carbon County Commissioners took time to focus on a resolution that was to approve cross appeals of certain centrally-assessed taxes with the Utah State Tax Commission during their Wednesday evening meeting.

Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner informed the commissioners that about nine appeals were appealed to the Utah State tax commission. The commissioners were then given the opportunity to weigh in on those appeals and set forth what is believed to be proper. There are nine entities that have filed appeals with the Utah State Tax Commission. Bryner continued by explaining that centrally-assessed taxes are taxes of entities or companies that have operations in multiple counties or states or are oil, gas or mining.

He then listed those that filed appeals, which included but was not limited to, Century Link, T-Mobile, PacifiCorp, Union Pacific Railroad and the Price River Terminal.

Finally, Bryner explained to the commissioners that to approve the resolution, it authorizes the filing of cross appeals in all those centrally-assessed tax cases and will allow litigation. The approval will also allow stating what the correct value of those is believed to be and authorizes the attorney, Thomas Peters, to act as the attorney on those cross appeals. Peters has been used for many years.

The resolution was ultimately approved by the commissioners.

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