Carbon County Commissioners Oppose Nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning as BLM Director


On Wednesday evening, the Carbon County Commissioners approved the ratification of a resolution objecting President Joe Biden’s BLM Director appointment of Tracy Stone-Manning.

The commissioners urged the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and full senate body to reject the nomination as well. President Biden nominated Stone-Manning as the director; however, past and recent conduct give rise to great concern. The background and ties of Stone-Manning are so troubling that even the former BLM Director publicly called on President Biden to withdraw the nomination.

Concerns include eco-terrorist plot involvement and Stone-Manning admitting to editing, retyping and sending a troublesome anonymous letter. The eco-terrorist involvement was the 1989 plot to spike Idaho trees, which turned into lethal projectiles when each tree is processed for logging.

Stone-Manning allegedly misled the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on whether she was ever a target of the federal criminal investigation into the tree-spiking plot by telling the committee that she had never been the subject of investigation, yet complained about being investigated in the press.

Stone-Manning also has past associations with 1980s, 1990s and 2000s radical advocacy groups such as Earth First. She has publicly supported her husband’s past article that declared the U.S. Forest Service should let houses in and near forests burn as a type of “social contract.”

She also had a graduate thesis that urged two-child-only population control to protect the environment, stating that “we must breed fewer consuming humans.” She then devised related advertisements such as one pushing the two-child policy and calling a pictured “cute baby” an environmental hazard.

With this in mind, the commission stated that Stone-Manning is unfit and disqualified to lead the BLM as director, nor to hold any office of responsibility in the United States Government.

“A national BLM Director should never be under a cloud of suspicion,” shared the commissioners.

It was stated that this is necessary to preserve the integrity and mission of the BLM. The commissioners unanimously approved and signed the opposition on July 28 and stated that the letter was sent to state senators to show their stance on the nomination.

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