Carbon County Commissioners Paid Special Visit by Royalty


The Carbon County Commissioners were visited by royalty during their regularly-scheduled Wednesday evening meeting. Skylynn Basso, Miss Carbon County Outstanding Teen, and Lily Vigil, Miss Carbon County, both graced the commissioners with their presence to discuss the history of Miss Carbon County.

The duo discussed the organization, their purpose, the meaning of their crowns and more. Basso then explained that her platform is #mckenziestrong for a local young woman that suffers from multiple chronic illnesses.

She explained that a mud run was recently hosted at the Carbon County Fairgrounds to benefit this platform and thanked the participants and sponsors that assisted. She stated that she wanted to continue by reaching out to schools in the community and helping them better understand chronic illnesses.

Vigil took the mic at that point to explain her platform, the Second Chance Movement. This movement is aimed toward opioid epidemic awareness. She spoke on the issue and creating awareness, stating that she wishes to seek assistance for those in the community affected by addiction.

The girls then spoke about the commissioners being very supportive historically. Basso will be representing the Outstanding Teen at Miss Utah’s competition while Vigil will represent Miss Carbon County at the same event. The state competition’s entrance fee for Basso is $400 while Vigil’s is just over $1,800. The royalty presented the commissioners with shared invoices and a breakdown of costs.

They then asked for any support that could be given for the competition costs as well as the scholarship fund. Commission Chair Larry Jensen thanked them for their presentation and questioned what was donated the previous year. Commissioner Casey Hopes stated that they approved $1,500 for Miss Carbon County and $400 for the Outstanding Teen.

The commissioners assured the girls that they would work at crunching numbers and would soon let them know the amount that they are able to donate.

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