Carbon County Commissioners Tackle a Number of Items


The Carbon County Commissioners met for a regularly-scheduled meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss multiple topics.

First, commissioner Tony Martines was excused from the meeting due to his attendance at a conference in Denver pertaining to coal. Following that, the commissioners discussed the bulletproof vest grant application with Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood.

Sheriff Wood stated that while he does not personally have the grant, it is completed through emergency management. However, he gave the information he did have, which was that it is a grant that provides bulletproof vests for the sheriff’s deputies to use. The vests are good for a total of five years at a time. The vests are on a rotation where they are not all replaced every five years but rather trickle in each year as some are replaced.

Sheriff Wood continued by stating they are always seeking vendors that have the best vests for the optimal price. As far as he was aware, the county does not pay for this out of county funds, which Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing confirmed.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes reflected on the vests being an important issue to move forward on and that the safety of the officers is, of course, of the utmost importance. Commissioner Hopes and commissioner Larry Jensen approved the grant application.

Also discussed was the airport remodel build. The bids for this had been received previously, opened and turned over for review. Commissioner Hopes stated that there was not much to the bids, mainly the cost. There were two bids, the first being from Bodec Electric for the total of $225,515.50. The second was from Stilson and Sons Construction for $239,000. It was recognized that the apparent low bidder was Bodec and with no questions presented, Bodec was accepted.

Commissioner Hopes reminded those in attendance and watching remotely that the project is for the classroom at the airport for the aforementioned USU Eastern aviation classes.

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